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December 2017 Specials


Know someone who would benefit from getting out of the house?

Give them a gift card for PelotonLabs. Available in $100 increments.

Click here to order.

Can be used for the gift bundle below if redeemed by May 2018.



Get a great deal on Unlimited Memberships when when purchasing by December 25th.

Holiday Gift Bundle which includes:

  • One month Unlimited 24/7 Membership
  • Cubbie
  • Mailbox
  • Meal Plan (1 lunch/week)
  • 1 Lb of Coffee By Design Coffee

$100 ($280 Value) Sign Up Now

Also availalable with a dedicated Desk

$200 ($400 Value) Sign Up Now

After the initial month, you receive 30% off Unlimited Membership for an additional 3 months. 

Regular sign up fees and deposits apply.  See below for details. 



All plans get our awesome amenities & member programs...


Community & Food:


Membership Matrix

  Cost Per Month / 
6 month pre-paid

Room Time

 Sign Up Fees
& Deposits
 Unlimited (Learn More or Sign Up) $180 / 165 8 hours 24/7 key Up to $200
 10 Days/month (Learn More or Sign Up) $140 / 120 4 hours 24/7 key Up to $200
 5 Days/month (Learn More or Sign Up) $100 / 85 2 hours 24/7 key Up to $200
 Unlimited w/ Dedicated Desk (Learn More or Sign Up) $300 8 hours 24/7 key Up to $200 
 Nights & Weekends (Learn More or Sign Up) $90 8 hours After 2pm weekdays & 
Unlimited weekends
 Community Membership (Learn More or Sign Up) $30 2 hours 1 full day/month $150
 Private Office  (Learn More) $500+ 8 hours 24/7 key  One Months Rent


Space Rental

  Cost Per Hour

Cost Per Hour 
Before 9am, After 5pm 
& Weekends

 Bramhall Conference Room 9a-5p (Book Room) $25 $35
 1st Floor Lobby - 2hr Minimum (Book Room) n/a $60


Additional Products



 Day Pass (Purchase) 9-5 Monday-Friday and until 9pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. $30
 Evening Pass (Purchase) 5-9 Tuesday and Thursday only. $20
 One Week Pass (Purchase) Five day passes to be used within one week. 
Access for your collaborators and guests plus two hours of conference room time and 30% off additional bookings.
9am-5pm Monday - Friday and until 9pm on Tuesday &Thursday.


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