Peloton’s coaching program provides members with access to professional expertise in legal, marketing, accounting, and other disciplines crucial to a thriving independent work life. We choose coaches who have expertise we believe will help members forward along their chosen path.

We choose coaches that...

How it works

  1. People schedule time with a coach by booking them through our website in the bookings engine or the links below each coach on this page.
  2. Coaches are booked in 30 minute "shifts". If you need more time, book additional shifts.
  3. There is no cost to members. Non-members can purchase a minimum of Community Membership to book a coach.
  4. PelotonLabs checks in with coaches and members to facilitate a productive experience.

Please Submit a Help Ticket if you have ANY trouble.


The Coaches

Legal Matters

When: By Appointment Only (send him a note through the links below)
Coach: Aaron Mosher

Mosher Law Firm, LLC is a boutique law practice located in the Old Port.  Aaron has an MBA and a background in management consulting and small business.  His clients are generally small businesses, and his goal is to help you and your business reach your full potential.

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Bookkeeping and Taxes

When: By Appointment Only (send her a note through the links below)
Coach: Terry Walker-Brown

Terry has been working with small business owners and individuals in New England for the past twelve years as a bookkeeper, tax accountant and advisor.  She is a Chartered Financial Analyst and Enrolled Agent with the IRS.  She provides volunteer tax guidance consultations for Peloton members.

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Market Research

When: By Appointment Only (send her a note through the links below)
Coach: Nichole Crandall

Nichole has been conducting market research and information analysis for over 10 years. She has a Masters of Science in Psychology helps business owners with survey design, focus group moderation, and in-depth interviews to help understand what the customer needs and wants. She has worked on environmental assessments and industry scans to help better understand external variables impacting business. She also conducts analysis with data and information inside organizations to assess the success of a program, product or service and highlight potential areas of focus.

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Fully Expressing Souls Life Coaching

When: By Appointment Only (send him a note through the links below)
Coach: John Morris

John Morris helps creative people express and fulfill their purpose in life. With over thirty-five years of teaching experience, and fifteen years working with clients individually, John uses a variety of approaches in his coaching work. John has an undergraduate degree in psychology and a masters in dance education. He is a certified Six Sensory Teacher and Leader, and a published author and specialist in the field of creativity, as well as an arts consultant.

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Project Management & Networking

When: By Appointment Only (send her a note through the links below)
Coach: Liz Trice

Liz is the co-founder and owner of PelotonLabs. She has a background in outdoor leadership, public policy, community development, and real estate. She has worked with small business owners since 1998, was Blackstone Accelerates Growth Portland Hub Manager for two years, and has led four Startup Weekends.  Her work at Cumberland County Government created new coalitions in public health and community development and brought in over $5M in grants. She has worked with many self-employed people and is passionate about helping people connect to the people resources they need to create the lifestyle and world they envision.

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What's the difference between coaching and professional services?

The goal of coaching is to help members understand their choices and expand their thinking. Typically when you ask a professional to take responsibility for acting on your behalf it become a professional service. For example, an attorney acting as a coach may help you think about the benefits of forming an LLC vs a C-Corp, but won't draft or file the documents for you. An accountant acting as a coach may tell you about some choices for bookkeeping software, or answer some questions about filing your taxes, but won't do it for you. With coaching, members retain full responsibility. 

is this just a sales pitch to get me to hire a coach?

No. The intention of coaching is to genuinely give their time to help members figure out their options and next steps, particularly before they know whether they need professional help or not. If what you need requires hiring a professional, the coach will tell you that, and may suggest some people who may be a good fit for your needs. Of course, if you wish to hire one of our coaches, you are welcome to. 

What if I booked appointment but have to cancel?

Because you made the appointment through our booking engine, you can log in to the system and cancel your booking. If it’s last minute it might also be nice to message the coach, but you don’t have to.

How do I contact coaches?

Coaches can be contacted through the Member section of our site. Links for each coach are above.

Does it cost anything?

No. PelotonLabs coaching program is free for members.

What if I am not a member?

You may sign up as a Basic Community Member. Then, come back to this page, find a coach, and click the links to make an appointment in our system.

How do I know my appointment is scheduled?

Two ways. You’ll get an email confirming your appointment. You can also see your appointment in the Bookings Calendar.

What if the system is not working?

Feel free to call the front desk or submit a Help Ticket through our website.