Bramhall Square



Bramhall Square is a triangular remnant approximately 3,400 sf in size created by the confluence of Congress Street, and Deering Avenue, and the vestige of a former street alignment that gives it its form. Deering Avenue, formerly Grove Street, created a five-point intersection with adjoining streets which, with the advent of the horseless carriage, was reconfigured to what we see today, leaving the building line of Grove Street as a remembrance of times past. Perched on the western height of the Congress Street spine, the site has commanding views of the city and New Hampshire mountains (on a clear day!) to the northwest. The site also occupies a ‘gateway’ position at the western end of the city’s Congress Street Historical District. Several local businesses, one currently vacant, front directly on the space, and the intersection sees large volumes of traffic, and is the primary route for EMS vehicles heading to nearby Maine Medical Center (MMC). MMC’s current $500M expansion plans are slated to reorient the main hospital entrance onto Congress Street slightly farther west of the site and the effect on this somewhat neglected segment of the street is anticipated to be significant. A neighborhood charrette in 2015 focusing on the square was held with area stakeholders and early concept planning generated. Interest waned until fall of 2017 when the current effort began.


The Presentations:

1.       Zack Barowitz  posterslides  2.       Debora Viana da Silva poster / slides / video
 3.       Michelle Grover - MGLD poster /  slides / video  4.       Eric Whittman - AIA poster / slides / video
 5.       Chris Miller - New Paradigm Design Workshop poster / slides / video  6.       Steve Thompson, Terrence J. DeWan & Associates poster /  slides / video
 7.       Trevor E Watson poster /  slides / video   8.       Qianyu (QE) Li poster /  slides / video
 9.       WBRC poster /  slides / video  10.   Patrick Costin - Canal 5 Studio poster /  slides / video
 11.   Dan Danvers poster /  slides / video  12.   John Gutwin - Pepperchrome poster slides / video
 13.   Matthew Jones poster / video  

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Supporting materials:

Bild Proposal from 2012, Sample Sketch, CAD Files (thanks toT.Y. Lin International), .pdf of CAD FileSketchUp File (Thanks to Bild), Slideshow from Design Charrette 2015, notes from 2015 Charette, Flipchart from 2017 Kick-off

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