Introduction to Gnosis
This is a Free public series, being hosted at Peloton Labs every Thursday night, starting June 7th, from 7:00pm-8:00pm for 8 weeks. Donations are appreciated but not expected for the public series. We will discuss topics, including but not limited to, The Ego, Essence and Personality, Learning how to Listen, Mysteries of Life and Death, The Lunar Influence, Astral Travel, Sexual Hydrogen Si12 and many others with a meditation to follow related to the subject of the class.
Gnosis is the study of the human being and the universe that surrounds him/her. The Gnostic Society provides classes studying themes of an esoteric and psychological nature. We teach and provide instructions in the practices of meditation, self observation, the experiential study of dreams and more, with the purpose of each person being able to develop their own self-knowledge ("Gnosis") and awaken the divine essence, the Being, found in our own soul.