Currency Camp 107: The Gift of Financial Health

Money can be a positive energy source in your life.

There is a practical, simple path to greater health and wealth, and it’s available to everyone.

We’ve developed a set of interactive workshops to address specific financial questions, situations, and concerns that will give you what you need to be able to implement a healthy financial strategy. Cherry pick, jump in anywhere, or do all 7 in a row and create a custom plan to evolve with your money.

Cost: $50/person per session or $300/person, $500/couple for all 7.

Location: Peloton Labs, 795 Congress St. Portland

When: Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm OR Fridays, noon-1:30 (your choice) 

Instructor: Tom Shepard, CFP, Author, Teacher, Coach


107: The Gift of Financial Health (3/27, 6-7:30 or 3/30, noon-1:30)


  • Know the difference between giving and spending.
  • Know how giving is part of a healthy financial strategy.
  • Know how to balance giving & receiving.
  • Know how your gifts fit into a true net worth analysis.
  • Know what comes next for you financially.

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