Currency Camp 103: Working, Earning, and Income

103: Working, Earning, and Income (2/27, 6-7:30pm or 3/2, noon-1:30)


  • Know the many different types of possible income including unearned income.
  • Gain the tools to work through your current financial level to the next, higher level.
  • Accurately track your pursuit of financial goals.
  • Know when to work harder and when not to.
  • Know how to evolve past an efficient relationship with money.

104: Saving, Preparing, Protecting (3/5, 6-7:30 or 3/9, noon-1:30)


  • Know the definition of saving.
  • Understand how to increase your capacity to save money.
  • Know when to protect, manage, and pursue savings.
  • Understand saving as part of preparing for your future.
  • Understand “thrifty” vs “cheap.”

105: Investing, Creating, Multiplying (3/12, 6-7:30pm or 3/16, noon-1:30)


  • Know the definition of investing.
  • Know the reasons to invest your money.
  • Understand the creative power of your money.
  • Know how money can create more value.
  • Know when to hedge against risk, diversify your income, and create more value.

106: Leverage, Collaboration, Ease (3/19, 6-7:30 or 3/23, noon-1:30)


  • Know how money can make your life easier.
  • Know the difference between leverage and debt.
  • Know what tools & assets you have available to leverage.
  • Know how to evaluate financial decisions for greatest return with least effort.
  • Know when effort will lead to greater opportunities for leverage and ease.

107: The Gift of Financial Health (3/26, 6-7:30 or 3/30, noon-1:30)


  • Know the difference between giving and spending.
  • Know how giving is part of a healthy financial strategy.
  • Know how to balance giving & receiving.
  • Know how your gifts fit into a true net worth analysis.
  • Know what comes next for you financially.

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