Peloton Blueberry Picking @ Winslow Farm

Join Jeremy & Liz to pick blueberries from Winslow Farm in West Falmouth, where we volunteer every week and get vegetables for Summer Salads & Crock-Pots. This pick-ur-own high bush blueberry operation is one of very few certified organic and no spray in the entire state. With personal connections and the best of quality, this is the time and place to get your fill for the winter.

At 1pm we'll sit under a tree and enjoy a lunch picnic(bring your own picnic, kitchen/fridge available to use), then pick berries 2-4. The farm is of course open all day and all PelotonLabs members are welcome to be there as long as they like to enjoy the atmosphere of the farm.

Address & link for directions:

 291 Gray Road, Falmouth

* It's on the right and you'll park in front of the flower shop you see on the road.