PelotonLabs Member BBQ

WHO: Members and their families/partners

WHAT: Potluck BBQ Gathering. 

WHERE: 1235 Westbrook St, Portland 04102 (Jeremy's place outer Congress on the Fore River)

WHEN: Thursday August 3rd, 6-9pm

WHY: Time to celebrate summer together out of the office!


Additional info...

Bring food to share, blankets/chairs & your own beer/booze, whatever you need for a few evening hours outside, and your lovely smile.

We'll have a fire, a gas grill, tables, blankets, non-alcohol beverages, silverware & plates, and a great spot on the Fore River.

I live in a house built in 1734 next to the Tate House right on the Fore River. It's lovely and I'm thankful to be allowed to have you all over!

If you have any yard games let Jeremy know and we'd love to have them. 

Several people live in the house with me. We'll be able to use the bathroom in the house but will be outside otherwise. There is also a covered porch to use and sit on. If you need to warm something up we'll have fire, a grill and can probably use my oven/stove.


We've opened up comments below so let's here some chatter on any questions and what food you might bring to share. :)



7 comment(s)

  • Jeremy Bloom

    Jeremy Bloom

    I'm going to make some pulled pork and coleslaw.

  • Lai-Yan Faller

    Lai-Yan Faller

    Asian-flavor slaw/grain salad

  • Ryan Linn

    Ryan Linn

    I'll be there! Probably with a pie, but I'm not sure yet.

  • Tim Yount

    Tim Yount

    Sorry. Won't be able to make this one. Hope you all have a great time!

  • Burak Sezen

    Burak Sezen

    will bring potato salad

  • Camelia Graham

    Camelia Graham

    We are going to bring a salad and some hamburgers to grill and share. Looking forward to it! ~ Cammie

  • Leslie Smith

    Leslie Smith

    I am sorry to miss the fun, but am on camp pick up duty tonight. Enjoy the gorgeous weather!