Styled after popular "clothing swaps" and "speed dating" events, this event is open to all female and female-identifying professional (or aspiring to be professional) musicians. Please bring a piece of practical knowledge* you found helpful in your work as (or in working towards being) a professional musician, which you'd like to share / "swap" with others.

Introductions 2-2:30pm
Ten-minute knowledge swap sessions begin
a social media trick you use to make promotion easier
a skills practice that has helped you improve your musicianship
a financial management tip that has brought you clarity and calm
a band leader/member tip that has helped you navigate music relationships
a technical audio tip that has helped with recording or understanding recording
a gear tip that has expanded your creativity and performance
a performance tip that has brought you more confidence/enjoyment on stage
a writing or composing tip that has helped you be a more prolific/satisfied/fulfilled artist 

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