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A place to do good work,
with a little community mixed in.

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    • Available to all members, our Pause Membership Plan allows you to keep your PelotonLabs membership open. Reserving your spot to return. 

      • Up to 12 months
      • Keep all community benefits including Community Board, member newsletter and social networks
      • No return Administrative fee


Zusätzliche Produkte

  • Day Pass

    Work at a table or couch area in open format space with natural light, sidewalk access, couches, tables, kitchen, deck and phone room. Includes coffee and tea all day and snacks at 2:30pm! 9-5 Monday-Friday and until 9pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    $30.00 Greifen Sie jetzt zu
  • One Week Pass

    Five day passes to be used within one week. Access for your collaborators and guests plus two hours of conference room time and 30% off additional bookings. 9am-5pm Monday - Friday.

    $75.00 Greifen Sie jetzt zu
  • Meal Ticket

    Help yourself to a nourishing bowl of soup & bread (winter) or salad (summer). Served fresh on Tuesdays 12-1, and available in fridge until it's gone. Freezer meals also available. Members can also get a discount on monthly meal tickets.

    $6.00 Greifen Sie jetzt zu
  • $100 Gift Card

    Good towards any membership type.

    $100.00 Greifen Sie jetzt zu

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