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A place to do good work,
with a little community mixed in.

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  • Pause (Membership Hold)



    • Available to all members, our Pause Membership Plan allows you to keep your PelotonLabs membership open. Reserving your spot to return. 

      • Up to 12 months
      • Keep all community benefits including Community Board, member newsletter and social networks
      • No return Administrative fee


  • Private Office Unit 10



    • Private office with located on the first floor at PelotonLabs. Brand new construction.
      This office can accommodate up to 2 people and is perfect for a startup or small business on a budget.

      In addition to the office space, you receive full membership at PelotonLabs which includes space for you and your employees to move throughout the building, access to conference rooms and quiet spaces, coffee, tea, snacks, social events, and personal connections to other members and community resources.

      You can add additional memberships as needed if your company is growing. Available immediately.

Zusätzliche Produkte

  • Day Pass

    Work at a table or couch area in open format space with natural light, sidewalk access, couches, tables, kitchen, deck and phone room. Includes coffee and tea all day and snacks at 2:30pm! 9-5 Monday-Friday and until 9pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    $30,00 Greifen Sie jetzt zu
  • One Week Pass

    Five day passes to be used within one week. Access for your collaborators and guests plus two hours of conference room time and 30% off additional bookings. 9am-5pm Monday - Friday.

    $75,00 Greifen Sie jetzt zu
  • Meal Ticket

    Help yourself to a nourishing bowl of soup & bread (winter) or salad (summer). Served fresh on Tuesdays 12-1, and available in fridge until it's gone. Freezer meals also available. Members can also get a discount on monthly meal tickets.

    $6,00 Greifen Sie jetzt zu
  • $100 Gift Card

    Good towards any membership type.

    $100,00 Greifen Sie jetzt zu

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