About PelotonLabs

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Who We Are: PelotonLabs is a coworking space in the West End of Portland, Maine with a mission to connect and encourage people who are working on their own. At PelotonLabs we see a world where people starting in a new place or career can find the support and community they need to manifest their visions without fear. 

What We Do: We do this by providing a combination of work space, personal introductions, and community connections to help members create the life they want.

Get Work Done: We make sure that on any given day you’ll be able to find a space, focus on your work, make a phone call, ask someone for help or get to know another person. We promise clean, functional, and comfortable, and friendly work space.  You can spread out in the spacious serenity of our Quiet Zone, set up shop in our spacious first floor and watch the foot traffic on Congress Street, or in warm weather enjoy the shade of our large maple tree on the back deck. 

Get Involved: We highlight member’s volunteer activities and provide opportunities to get involved. Over time, you’ll find that you know people, you feel comfortable, and you’re glad you joined. You can take a walk to the Western Prom or community garden, get connected to help others, and come to events to connect to other members. 

What does Peloton mean? In Finnish, peloton means “Fearless”, and in French, a peloton is a pack of cyclists where people from different teams work together to move faster than they could alone. We bring together these two meanings to describe our mission:  to connect and encourage individuals so they can face the challenges of manifesting their visions and values without fear. And the “Labs” part? It’s a place of experimentation. We are constantly experimenting and innovating.

Covid-19 Precautions:
We have taken many steps to ensure the safety of our members. We have hand sanitizers and cleaners throughout the space, have regular cleaning, and encourage mask wearing in public spaces, and encourage opening the windows and using our back deck. We do not require masks in offices or at desks. We have a complete list of precautions that are posted throughout the space.  If you'd like to know more about our practices, please contact us at [email protected].

Key Offerings:

  • Cozy, serene, and friendly coworking space
  • Intake process that identifies needs and makes connections
  • Regular opportunities to meet other members. 

"I would encourage someone to join Peloton because, first of all, it’s a beautiful space. It’s very comfortable, you have a lot of options. . . If you feel sociable you can sit downstairs. If you need to be really focused, you can go upstairs and be quiet. It’s always lively. Theres always a number of consultants working in here…"   Karma, Consultant


Peloton wouldn’t be here without the support of our amazing member community. Click here to see our member directory.

Hours of Operation

  • Members have access to the space 24/7



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